Thursday, April 09, 2009

34 in 30 days ?day 9?

Hey, it's 5:ish in the morning. I can't be expected to remember anything. I know it is the 9th, so day 9.

Well, I think I am done with the bug. At least the worst parts... ugh. I hope so. Either I am getting a new cold, or it's allergy time. My poor nose. Boo!

With that said, I am still on top of my game. That's right, Willis is on it.
I've got my raw and ready to stretch canvas out and my gesso is FRESH! Tight.
I also have 12 little frames I purchased at the thrift store that I a going to fill with my artsy goodness. I am thinking birds for those little frames. They are roughly 2x3 inches. Super cute.

I think the first painting I am going to start is my Spring woman. I am thinking big. A nice pig painting. I want lots of colors and lots of texture.

Today I am going art supply shopping. My living room has been rearranged to accommodate whatever crazy needs I want. Space. Now if I could only get my apartment dog hair free without having to shave my very sweet doggy. Hmmmm..... I guess I will have to be neurotic about vacuuming for a while. Yay.

I am working on a little postcard I am making for This will be my first contribution and I can't wait to receive my first postcard. I love the idea of sending something handcrafted to someone I will probably never meet on the opposite side of the planet. In a sense, I am delivering peace between strangers from different countries at a time when peace is needed desperately. Love. It's all about unconditional love. I can totes do that. Oh crap. I said 'totes'...

So I had a dream the other night that there was this big, black spider in one of my black SAS shoes. I needed to put my shoes on, but this spider had really webbed the inside of my (i think) right shoe something good. It really wanted me to put my foot in my shoe, webbed and all. I didn't- are you kidding? It was super condensed webbing. Like, filled with cotton type webbing. There were other parts to the dream, but I don't remember anything but the spidery webbed shoe! Ewe! I just got the chills.

So sit tight my 4 followers and randoms that might actually read this. I hope to blow your freaking mind. Just not right now.


*Rough draft for Shoshone Falls painting. I am still finding my niche with landscape. Yikes!

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