Thursday, March 10, 2011


I've been a busy woman as of late. The RAW show was interesting and it was great to see so many faces I haven't seen in over a decade. There wasn't enough time for me to really enjoy extensive conversations with anyone, but having them there for the event was a great joy to me.
Doing mystical things in my hotel room at the Jupiter in Portland, Oregon.

The following are photos taken by Mercy Mcnab at Portland's first RAW event.

"Ergonomics Gone Awry"  mixed media on wood

"Matryoshka Doll Revolution" acrylic, oil pastel, embroidery thread on linen

"Phoenix in Flight" acrylic, oil pastel, fancy paper

Me, my art, and my new 80's inspired glasses... at RAW in PDX.

Top: "Lost in Translation" acrylic and oil pastel on canvas
Bottom: "Delta of Venus" Acrylic and ink on canvas

"Polar Opposites" acrylic, ink, oil pastel and embroidery thread

I had my prints hanging from wooden hangers in an old piece of luggage I own.

"Rorschach Rollercoaster" Acrylic, fabric, felt, embroidery thread on canvas

"Tree Lust (My coniferous wants to get with your deciduous)" acrylic and ink on wood

"Little Yellow Riding Wolf" acrylic, oil pastel, paper and fabric on canvas
Great shot by Mercy Mcnab!

"Year of the Rabbit" acrylic, ink and paper on wood

"Girl in a Box" acrylic, oil pastel and gesso on cardboard
(This one found a new home that night!)

Thanks to all who came out and thanks to all of the other artists who made the event happen!

In other news, I've passed my radio broadcasting class, so I'll be hosting my own shows now and then on Coast Radio, KMUN.  Streaming live:

I'm still a little rough around the edges, but I'm excited to continue and to find my rhythm over the air.  It's really motivated me to get back into researching and exploring new music as well as re-loving music I've had for years.  I'm also DJing my first Astoria gig this Saturday, yikes! I'm nervous and excited and I have high hopes that the night will be fun and go well.

I'm ready for Spring.  Be well.