Friday, June 08, 2012

It's been far too long. I have no excuses except for the million I will be more than happy to share... but it would take forevs.  So I'll just say, life has been busy. Portland has been an interesting change for this woman. I haven't painted for six months until very recently! I've dabbled in my sketchbook here and there, but I've really been a busy lady and getting all those boxes in the garage hasn't really sounded all that great. But, I have a possible show in September, so I've been working on some new ideas. Ideas I felt worthy of sharing.

Also: It's June. It's been about 65-70 degree and mostly cloudy. I expect that any moment it's going to be sunny and hot. My ass needs the gym something fierce.

Okay, back to art:

So those are my more recent ideas coming to life. Using gouache for the first time, which has been cool. For me, it is like using something that is in between watercolors and acrylic. I'm doing a whole series of "Ladies of Summer". I'm excited to see where the idea takes me. 

And from the sketchbook: 

I was donated a nice supply of art materials from a friend in Bend. Plenty of drawing pencils, charcoal and pastels. All things I don't use often, so it's been fun to do some exploring with them. A little influence from the impending health doom I suffered all April, with a doubly whammy of a sinus infection and pneumonia. It took a lot out of me and I'm still mending. One thing that has been a little alarming is that I've experienced substantial vision loss in my left eye since having pneumonia. I'm off to the optometrist tomorrow, and I am hoping for positive results. If not, I'll just have to have some fashion forward eye patches made for me or something! Gotta stay positive, right?

So that's that. Looking forward to getting my brushes wet tonight and more often.

Cheers and be well!!