Thursday, April 09, 2009

34 in 30 day 9!

Just wanted to upload a few photos from today :)
Also, I loaded my first contribution to (the cartoonishy fish). That little fish has a key in it's belly, on their way to Finland! I can't wait to get my first postcard. Spreading good vibes!

Today I get my juicer and that is freaking fantabulous.
Mmmmmm.... Fresssshhh Juuuuuice.

Busy day, the sun breaks are nice. I don't mind if it's rainy and a little cold still, it's supposed to be. It's very nice to have the sun breaks.

Ta ta!


  1. nice fishy and I really love the fence post photo-5th one up from bottom...lovely contrast and composition! ;-)

  2. These are all wonderful and the fish has a key in it's belly. :) It's your birthday tomorrow am I right am I right????? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I gotta send you your cupcake pic,:) Sweets!!!!! Now your inspiring me I've been in a weird place lately I'll think I'll write you a note later if you don't mind I need someone to write too:) I like seeing your sketches too oohhh and the landscape one is beautiful xoxo from Minnesota


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