Saturday, May 29, 2010

Show at Hold Fast Tattoo and Gallery

June is fantastic! School is almost done and I have a show up at Hold Fast Tattoo and Gallery in Seaside, Oregon. I am super honored and so very flattered to be a part of their grand opening.
I have 11 pieces up and with one weeks notice, was able to pull together a pretty little show full of color in a great space. this is the first time I have hung work from my sketchbook. I've also got a little mixed media piece on wood that I love love love called "Ergonomics Gone Awry". I am sharing the walls with 2 other artists and I will have more information and photos as soon as the opening arrives, which is June 5th.
I will also have some work hanging at Coffee Girl, in Pier 39, in Astoria! All of this show stuff happened within the last couple of weeks, and I am thrilled to be ending Spring and entering Summer hanging work and pumping out more work and getting prints available. Yeah!
September is around the corner, and I have a show lined up at Old Town Framing, in downtown Astoria. More info on the theme and dates as it gets a bit closer.

Be well and be safe this Memorial weekend.


Wednesday, May 05, 2010