Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy New Year! (almost!)

I'm not even sure if anyone but my folks reads this anymore, but I'm a creature of habit and am going to update this blog for kicks.
I finally finished a commission that took me a ridiculous amount of time to complete. Mainly because of all of the moving and personal change that was done during the creative process. Moving into a new space and making a new creative space was a for me in 2014, but I finally finished the piece and fell in love with the finished results. Now I'm ready to roll into 2015 with a sketchbook full of ideas waiting to be painted on canvas.

That said, wishing you all a lovely 2015. Make good choices, love yourself, be creative, eat well, sleep well, give generously, dance a bunch and love endlessly. :)


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Word. Summer.

Another pretty summer in Portland. This is my 3rd and I'm starting to feel more and more at home in this creative city.

I've been busy holding down the fort at OBT while my colleague is on vacation. No rest for the wicked!
On a personal note, I'm going through a lot of changes. Living, commuting, creating, relationships, etc... such is life and I'm rolling with it the best of my abilities. 
I'm looking forward to October, my favorite month of the entire year. I'll be in a new space with new doors opening up for me. Plus, Halloween! Eeep, I need to start my costume idears now. 
OBT will be starting its 25th anniversary season and it's going to be a great line up of performances, can't wait to be a part of it all. 
And mushrooms. So ready to forage for fresh chanterelles. I'm always so inspired by the forests nearby. So lush, mossy and full of life. Ready to smell the fall leaves and to enjoy the yummy local goodies from the upcoming harvests. 

So down to brass tacks:  Art. 

This is what I've been working on as of late. I've got a show of misfits up at Motivasi Coffee in NE Portland. Go buy some art! Mamma needs new shoes! (and books for college). 
I've been forcing myself to sketch a bit every day or so, while all of my life gets in order. Not my best medium to use, but I'm enjoying the challenge and having a way to create wherever I am. 
So that's what is up with that. (I'm so tired today, so excuse my elementary blog... I drove a friend to the airport at 4am and I'm zonked out. Americano, activate!)

So there you go. New sh*t. New times of life. New new new. I need a new nap. But I'm happy. :)


Monday, May 05, 2014

Happy Spring! 

Where did Winter go?  I remember lots of unexpected snow- which was so much fun! I mean it. Some of my funnest Winter memories were from the snow days. I love looking outside and watching people cross country ski down the roads. If that is what Alaska is like, sign me up!

I also remember cold, cozy nights. Working like mad at OBT, putting on some damn fine performances.
I remember lots of movies on Netflix and warm layers of clothes, boots and socks. All the socks.
And, of course, I remember art... I remember lots of doodles, sketches, ideas and starts.
Kind of like sowing seeds for Spring, keeping these questions in mind: What would I like to harvest this Summer? What would I like to grow and create? What is going to blossom during the warmer months?

Only time will tell, but I do have a few clues that I'm happy to share with you!

First off, I want to mention that I have one piece from my October show that is for sale that would love to go home with you!  It's the only one left, so get it!
Please send me an email if you are interested or need information.

"Embrace and Let Go"
Mixed Media on Canvas

Currently, I am working on moving into my basement art studio! I'm in the very early elementary stages due to rain over the weekend (boo!), but will be sprucing up the space in the next month to make it my home away from home. It's not the "idea"l studio as there is no natural lighting, but it's a great start and close to my house. I kinda like that it's below both a tattoo studio as well as a coffee shop. I can't think of any other type of business I'd rather be below. So very Portland, ha!
Here's what it looks like thus far: (and I can't wait to be able to post the "after" photo!)

I'm just finishing up with a piece that has been a great challenge for me. I'm not even sure why. I just keep looking at it and feeling like I need to add more. Every time I think I'm done, I think of something else to add. That's the creative process for you. Never a dull moment. Anyhow, it's a smaller piece that I started in preparation for a larger commission that I'm also working on for a couple in Olympia. Both include ravens as the main subject. I haven't had much experience painting ravens before, and the person purchasing the commission asked for pink ravens. Pink ravens!  How exciting is that?  So I've been studying ravens and crows, since they both carry so many similarities, and painting away. Most people think of ravens as something bleak and dreaded, thanks to the myriad of stories of ravens flying overhead to warn of doom and death. And, of course, adding to the bleakness would be Poe's legendary poem, "The Raven".
But I say, "Nevermore!" to all of that because according to many cultures the raven is something much different: Ravens, yo!

In the painting(s) I'm working on, the raven is nothing more than a messenger of newness and good tidings to come. In order for there to be darkness, there must also be light. And vice versa. Through all of my raven researching, I decided I wanted my ravens to be bright and full of strength. They are bringing the recipients of these paintings the sun. And here in the Pacific Northwest, we could all use a little extra vitamin D.

Here are both paintings, both still works in progress:

The only thing I'm showing of the commission (I don't want to jinx the process!), the initial layer and style that I've applied. So many layers to go, and I can't wait to see the completed work. I'll be working on it all week and all next weekend. So much fun and I'm so inspired by the concept of the pink ravens.  It's going to get messy, complicated and end up lovely and super fresh! Hint: bring on the paper, ink and grayscale!

Lastly, I totally freaked out on some canvas last week. I had an idea and was like, "Oh, I'll just sketch this out on some canvas before I go do this and this and..." Two hours later, the entire canvas was covered. Oops!  I guess with all of my careful work I do at my 9-5 job and with the recent artwork I've been working on, I needed something I could just go to town on without any expectations. It was a huge energy release and I still don't know how I feel about the end result. But the fact that I wasn't hoping for an end result and found one makes it a happy surprise. 

Def thinking about my love of travel with that piece and how much I NEED to get more travel in my life. Oddly enough, I happen to be working on that game plan, but that's for another blog.

I hope today finds you well and happy. Keep inspiring... and never fret, warmer days are ahead!



Monday, October 21, 2013

Oh HAY. 


This month marks my first Portland solo art show! Yay!  

My dear friend Rick opened up a new coffeehouse in the heart of St Johns this week and asked me a few months ago if I would be interested in being his first 'artist of the month'. My response: "Hells yep!".  It was great motivation for me to get work done that I started last year and to start new work. I busted my ass to get everything done in time. My time creating went seamlessly. Everything I envisioned turned out great and I was really happy with what I was able to accomplish.
It was the first batch of work that I took seriously since losing partial vision last year. That whole scenario presented quite the creative block, alas- I kick it's ass into the Galaxy! 

I've also been approached by someone to show at another venue/cafe on Alberta. Pretty happy with the new inspiration that I'm feeling and the opportunities that are starting to knock for me in Portland. Much needed as I've had to take a year off of school because of financial aid cuts and I also am in need of work. I made a ballsy decision to leave a very toxic work environment that was causing me so much unnecessary stress. Too much and not worth the energy. I believe that leaving that situation allowed me the time and energy I needed to complete the eight new pieces I have showing and to give me some time to reflect on what I want for myself. So for now, I'm searching Portland for the perfect fit, debating on whether to continue school this Winter and next Spring, and creating like there's no tomorrow! 

This show was very inspired by my time on the Oregon Coast and in the neighboring mountains. Especially this time of year! I have been lucky enough to have ample time exploring the mountains and foraging for mushrooms this Autumn. I'm fascinated with those little buggers! 

It's been an amazing Autumn season in Portland this year. Sometimes when I'm crusin around the neighborhoods I find myself in awe with the display of color the trees are flashing. The sky has been blue and the combination is almost surreal. Stunning at best. 

Here's a mixed bag of scenes from my Autumn in Portland, including photos of new work. I'll have better photos and prints soon! 

If you are in Portland and would like to check out my work, please do!  
Say hi to Rick and have yourself an Americano. My work will be up at Fourth Estate Cofeehouse, now until the end of November.

Be well and happy pumpkining!  
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hey Portland!

It's been months since I've last posted. It seems like I start many blog entries that way... obviously, I've been a busy lady. Happy, busy and taking all of my days, day by day. Minute by minute. Americano by Americano.

So. In short:

I'm in Portland. It has been a joyride verging on danger and bliss. I have lots of work behind me to be proud of, which in turn gives me a ton of freeeeeee tiiiiiime this Summer to work on new work.
I've started several new pieces, and having time and space to finish them will be outstanding.

Many great things on the way. And that is what I'm leaving you with. Ha!

Be well, Blogosphere.

Here are a few photos of life in Portland thus far. I'll be posting new work soon, so check back! :)