Monday, April 06, 2009

34 in 30 days 5 and 6

Okay... almost done with this bug. I have been creating, I swear it. I have been sketching like mad, but haven't been documenting it. I am picky about documenting my sketches. I know what the end result should look like, you don't, and from most of my sketches you wouldn't know. :) Yay for lack of drawing skills!
I have to make this short again, because it's been a long day, I had a pre-birthday meltdown and I am still sick. I need to get well soon, so I can kick some canvas brush!

Today I am going to add a little doodle that I drew recently for a painting idea. It's called "The Bird who wanted to be an Astronaut.

I guess the idea is that even birds wish to be more. So many people have wanted to fly. To spread wings and take off through the air, swooping down, joining in formation with other birds... to be free. But birds, I imagine if this one wanted more.
Make sense? I don't know if my theraflu and special tea will allow me to make sense right now. My doggy is snoring, I am in my pj's, in bed and that ambiance alone is making my eyes droop.

I feel like that bird.

Be well,


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