Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Autumn

"All Apologies"
Acrylic, Spray Paint, Rice Paper, Ink, Gesso and Embroidery Thread on Linen.

My my, how summer just slipped on by. Where was I? Oh yeah, in my studio. It's been far too long since I've updated. I have great excuses, too!
My latest show "Nurture Your Nature" went up smoothly, and the opening reception went well. Ann Tierney played a lovely set, despite being sick. I had no idea she was ill until days later. That woman sings so beautifully... great person, to boot!
I'd like to thank Old Town Framing Company and Dulcye Taylor for all of their help with setting everything up. As well as Anna who made delish goodies and Deb from Coffee Girl who also made some delightful morsels.
Feedback on the show has been interesting, to say the least. I left an interpretation box, but no one really quite "got" it, minus a few daring folk.
I haven't checked on it since the show, and I hope that more comments or questions are asked, but if not... it has been fun hearing from people in person.
One person commented on the fact that he couldn't pick out my "style". His example was "let's say you were in a museum... I wouldn't know what was yours based on style." I thought that was mighty interesting. Also interesting is that most comments were about how my style could be seen in all facets of my work. Just goes to show how interpretation of work plays a huge part in the whole experience.
Being that the show was a mixed-media show, I can understand how one might not be able to see my style. But honestly, regardless of what I am working with, my style is mine and comes from me. I have questioned myself regarding mixed media shows being too overwhelming to the viewer. I personally feel that art is dynamic. People are dynamic and emotions are dynamic and overwhelming at times. Messages, images, moments, memories... our lives are constantly moving forward. So why not show all of it? Why limit myself to one style of work? There are pros and cons to this thought, and none of them matter because I'll probably keep doing what I do until I naturally do something else.
Lot's of self exploration this month! Love the feedback, it's been making my cogs and gears churn.
The show will be up until the second Friday in October.

In the meantime, school has started up for me again. I'm taking 4 classes through PCC. I'm also going to be teaching art classes at the Alabaster Jar in Astoria a few times a month. Details on that soon. I've started curating a wall at Coffee Girl, hoping to pull a few local artists out of hiding and help other artists gain exposure. So far the responses to my call for art has been wonderful I can't wait to get that rollin.

A few photos from my current show will be added to my blog via Flickr soon.

Be well.