Sunday, April 12, 2009

34 in 30 day 12

Ok, so this whole "art a day" thing is wayyyy harder than I anticipated and I have the right to blame at least half of it on the gray weather.
O'the plight of the Sun in Spring!

Anyhow, I feel it is my duty to show proof of my creative spirit, even if it is not in paint form.

It's all coming together nicely. I will be excited to complete a few projects that have been swimming in my head.

Oh yeah, it was my 34th birthday on Friday. I spent it alone for the most part, it was low key and fine. Next year, I want to go dancing.

Birthday in a nutshell.

I wholeheartedly promise more from myself this next week. Now that the flu from hell has left my body, I can focus and get back on track.

Happy day to you!


  1. I had to freeze half of that cake. It was out to destroy me... one heavenly chocolate bite at a time.

  2. Ooh who made that cake it is beautiful and tempty! ;D Happy Birthday beautiful, sorry i missed your special day. I need to get your mailing address actually! M-space it to me please!

  3. My friend Sheri did. She made my cake last year too. Delightful!
    I spent my day eating cake and looking back, it was perfect. :)


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