Friday, March 13, 2009

You've been missed...

I have been very excited about creating new art and starting this blog. It's been inspiring to dive within myself and spend time there for a while. Yesterday I worked on the yard, which was just nasty. So much junk. The owner of this house has obviously given up on the poor old place, at least for the time being, but since I live here... I am taking responsibility. I would rather see the ground being used to promote oxygen, flower, veggies, herbs and make the soil stronger than to see it trashed and neglected. It was nice to work in the sun and to clean things up.
After that, I threw the headphones on and had a day of Dub.
Actually, it started with Stevie Wonder, just to get the party started, then it turned to good, heavy bassin', Dub. The good stuff.
It was nice and kept my emotions in a safe spot.

I made a pretty good pizza, wheat flour, fresh basil, Italian sausage (veggie-nat.), fresh mozzarella and a balsamic tomato reduction. Not bad.

Art wise, I worked like a mad woman on a doodle. I have learned very recently that one CAN indeed doodle just as long as someone who is working on an oil painting. I've been cheating on Painting lately with the Camera and Photoshop. I JUST got Photoshop for the first time and what can I say... listening to Dub (via headphones), tummy full of organic goodness, and Photoshop after a day of gardening and cleaning is pretty rad.
Anyhow, I created the above pieces last night, and was up until 3AM doing so. I just had to get it out. The combination of another approaching birthday, Spring Fever, and the anniversary of losing a friend...along with a few unmentionables... I had to get it out.

My completed idea is this:
Make prints of all of the above, throw frames on them and hang them together. It's a process piece and was a process to get out.
I was in my own world, my bubble, my zone... and it was great.
I also want to paint the last piece, Pt 3, on a huge piece of wood-making Pt4.
The thing I love the best about them are the colors used.
Even with the digitally enhanced pieces, all of the colors and where they are placed, each texture, movement... all chosen initially by me, thus keeping it 100% original. Each part captures my mood completely.
I was happy to lose a little sleep over it.

I am warming up for my 34 in 30.
Getting all of my supplies ready and checked-filling my journal with thoughts, ideas and goals.

Today I will be recording samples from the bass, through the space echo.
I love the Space Echo.o.o.o.o.o.

I am going to see if I can sell the completed samples on Etsy!
I mean, why not?
And if not, I will use them for my own music.

So that's it. That's my Friday the 13th of March in a nutshell.

Is there an appropriate way to end a blog? I feel as I need to wave or thank you for coming or something...hmmmmm. I've never been good with endings.

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