Wednesday, March 11, 2009

34 in 30




How can someone with so much to say have so very little to say today?
I blame the full moon, certain personal anniversaries and my head.
I need to clear my head.

(Segue segue segue)
In order to clear my head, I have this blog. (Because lawdy knows that a Facebook blog and and 4 different Myspace blogs aren't enough!)
But wait, THIS blog is different. This is Amy's art blog.
Only art, all art, art.
However, being an emotional type, a "feely" type, a Renaissance type even I am sure my art will come action packed with emotional statements. Such is the life of an artist, or so I hear.

I currently live in Astoria, Oregon. 2 blocks south-ish from the historical and massive Columbia River. I love and hate it here. It's pretty, tough, lonely, challenging, and completely has my life turned upside down more often than not. I paint for myself right now, and I suppose that is where I am at. It's a little frustrating that certain galleries don't do more to promote artists. Or maybe my artwork stinks. But seriously, a certain trendy gallery didn't even have the audacity to respond to my email wanting to share/show my work in their local section... Instead they send me email informing me of new shows. Because lawdy knows that Portland artists need more exposure, rather than artists in Astoria.
Ah well, Artist Snobbery is something I have never understood. I mean, great you are talented and you work hard. Well, my dad helped make the paper you use for 40 years and was quite good at it, and he's the nicest guy I know. Artist Snobbery completely defeats the purpose of creating art, in my book.

Let's get on topic, I could rant all day....

My friend Heather recently started something called 30dayartist.
She inspires me so much. The goal/point? Well take a gander at the blog if you really want to know, but in short, 40 pieces of work in 30 days. I will be working on a goal of 34 in 30. One for each year I have been alive. That's some serious soul wrenching, self testing, motivating stuff right there. I was so moved by her passion that I submitted my registration last week.
34 in 30.... can I do this?
I mean, that's a lot of faith and such a test of personal strength/willpower.
It sounds really empowering to take on such a feat and to share it online with the rest of the world. Amazing to me, really. Whether I am ever chosen to be the next 30 day artist or not, I feel like I should really do it, for myself.
Right here.

I think I will start the first day of April. April is my birthday month and I love a good challenge! My artwork will and can include anything. Paintings, doodles, sketches, photos (which is my new love), and music accomplishments. I do all things, and love them all too. It's a personality trait, I do believe.
I may not do all things well, but I try and have a genuine thirst for passionate moments of creativity followed by sessions of thinking about what I've just created and what emotion I released/captured. <---- I know, huh?

Oh, also my culinary art. I will post new recipes, old recipes, anything food related that I make. I love cooking healthy food with a passion, and sharing it is even better. Food should be art. Good food should taste just as satisfying as listening to a great song, or loving a piece of moving artwork.
Just like the rest of my lovely hobbies, I cook with passion.

So without further adieu, welcome to my humble blog. I hope you say a while.

Be well and blog hard.


  1. HEY!!!! Hi honey, this is great you really truly write well Amy. And now I'm following :) I love the name of your blog inspiring and optimistic! O.k I read above that you got to get outside lucky girl I can't wait and we will have an on line b-day partyyyyy! Cause we can't in Mexico yet..... to be continued :)

  2. Yay! I have missed your blogs!

  3. I'm here too! We are all watching you....ahhhh the pressure! 34 in 30 sounds awesome, now you are inspiring me!


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