Wednesday, March 18, 2009


These are rough draft ideas for a large painting I would like to work on soon. I guess because I am sketching and doodling means there's no "soon" about it, I am working on it "Now". I got the idea for it while watching a really bad 80's movie. There was a part in the movie where actress with bad hair #1 is at a singles joint. At one point she and her huge freaking hair look to the side, over the shoulder, all "meow" like. The pose is what was rad, acting and actual hair and attire, awful. But the body language and the way her hair shaped her entire pose... that was the ticket! Spring is Seductive. There's "Spring Break" "Spring Fever" "Spring Cleaning" and other Spring derivatives. Everyone gets a little crazy and we start spending more and more time outdoors, like real mammals. Spring is romantic, haphazard, moody, unpredictable and full of growth! We love it. I am no expert on anything, really, but I do know what the thought of wearing cute dresses and being able to be out without rain gear does to me. Not to mention seaside campfires, camping, hiking, waterfalls, new plants, gardening... the longing for Spring is like missing a long lost love.

So, I sketched a little sketch in my journal, and then thought of her being part rabbit. Like my version of "Spring Jessica Rabbit", which is the smaller sketch in the corner. Then I decided I wanted to see the idea in color, so I drew another "Spring" in color. I realized then that I am in serious need for markers and supplies... I am going to have to figure that part out.

Anyhow, I look forward to getting said supplies and working on the larger version of "Spring". Bright and green, beautiful and rich... I hope I am able to capture those qualities in the final piece.

I also am adding a few other Spring photos. One I took of Casey while he was cutting off his hair before shaving it. Another of the plants showing signs of Spring and the work we are doing the little patch of yard downstairs. I made Seitan yesterday for St Patrick's Day. It turned out great and I will be adding a separate food blog soon. It was devine, with potatoes, cabbage and carrots. I also made a berry cobbler that beat all!

Today I am cleaning house and working on my grocery list for the cooking class I am teaching on Friday. It's my first class and I am really nervous. I will be making homemade butternut squash ravioli, Mmmm! It will be fun and I will learn a lot about slowing down. I always cook on autopilot, and in order to better share, I will really need to slow down and explain a little. Maybe I will learn some new things too!

Spring is around the corner, luring you toward growth and progress, whether you like it or not...time to wake up!

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  1. wonderful photos and the berry tart....drooool!


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