Wednesday, April 01, 2009

34 in 30 day 1

...and of course I have the flu. Of course I do. Ah welllll. I have been busy preparing my head and home for my personal 34 in 30 project. I hope to complete/start 34 new pieces in 30 days.

Since I am ill today and recovering from a 100+ degree fever, today's blog is going to be brief. I don't have anything new to contribute for today, unless you want to consider my snotty tissues as art. Rorschach tests maybe?

A list of projects I hope to complete in the next 30 days: (taken from my art journal-some are just ideas)

*More Bird paintings to go in my Bird Series
*Commission completed for the lovely Jessica Fillar Orzechowski
*Need to frame/glass Blue Jay peice. Someone want to buy it-yay!
*Spend a day at the beach working on nature art. Think "Rivers and Streams"
*Build cob/brick borders for my garden-which I consider art.
*Make prints of work and sell on Etsy
*Make music samples to also sell on Etsy/ under ASP(asmallsimpleplan)

So that's enough for now. I need to be back in bed.

Happy April Fool's yo. Of COURSE I would be sick on my first day of 34 in 30.
However, I might come up with something artistic while being completely out of it from my fever. FEVER.


  1. Jessica Orzechowski4/01/2009 11:28 AM

    lovely? me? nah! :) i love this idea. since we got rid of our cable i have spent each night drawing, making music, making monsters, sewing things, writing letters, etc. i love how fulfilled i feel when i go to sleep. i am so sorry you are ill on Day 1! i might have to borrow this idea and bust out my own 30 days of artsy. yeah, i like it! hugs and bugs, J

  2. I'm super sorry your sick. But it all sounds so good and getting to art at the beach you have noooo idea how awesome that would be. Ahhh daydream I'll have to link up to your Etsy shops <3 <3 <3 and congrats on the commission lovin your birds I even saw a cardinal yesterday and thought of you :) I am sending feel better vibes your way and saying a little prayer xoxo


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