Thursday, May 28, 2009


Oooohhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm or something like that.

There's nothing new under the Sun, kiddies. As a blogger, I do feel it is my responsibility to update my blog. So, here goes...

The weather has been freaking outstanding. I love it. My garden is planted and doing alright, thus far. Success has been met by way of cleaning out a pile of dirt and garbage and turning it into a vegetable, herb and flower garden. I have given myself a personal time line, one that is measured by the growth of my garden. A personal time line for changes I need to make and "things" I need to figure out. I am in quite the odd spot and I can't figure out exactly what to do about it, being that "it" is something I also can't figure out. Something is off and something is about to change. I hope to be in a better space (whether that's physical, mental or emotional is still uncertain) by the time my garden has finished growing. Growth and growth.

However, if you happen to be reading this and also happen to be gifted (aka psychic) then please, for the love of my head, help a sista out and let me know what is going on. I am a bottle of frustration with nowhere to explode. Which brings me to the only release I have right now, art!

I am working on a Mermaid painting. I hope to be done with it next week, and if it is liked by a certain person, it will be sold. I also have 2 other offers for paintings right now. I need to finish and frame them and they will also have homes and be sold! Yay!
I just have to keep focused and keep my head on, just breathe.

Life is really strange right now, and I am very confused about so much of where I am and what I am doing. I try really hard not to think of it too much, and just live life "in the now". But I am a avid thinker and a big time feeler; it's hard to constantly block the "what if's" and the "why's". So I paint. I spend time in my garden, I spend time outdoors, and I paint. That's my life.

Oh, I do have a pretty kick butt part time job working for an awesome and absurd company. I love absurd. It's my new favorite word.
That's all I got.
Be well.

"Mermaids and Unicorns.... what would Freud think?"

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  1. I'm no psychic but I just made an illustration this week about change. I was just gonna blog about it too. I just feel weird change change change. Anyways Yeah for a good part time job and awesome your paintings are selling! Whoot! I'm sorry bout the lonely, we can have a lonely hearts club together xox


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