Monday, October 21, 2013

Oh HAY. 


This month marks my first Portland solo art show! Yay!  

My dear friend Rick opened up a new coffeehouse in the heart of St Johns this week and asked me a few months ago if I would be interested in being his first 'artist of the month'. My response: "Hells yep!".  It was great motivation for me to get work done that I started last year and to start new work. I busted my ass to get everything done in time. My time creating went seamlessly. Everything I envisioned turned out great and I was really happy with what I was able to accomplish.
It was the first batch of work that I took seriously since losing partial vision last year. That whole scenario presented quite the creative block, alas- I kick it's ass into the Galaxy! 

I've also been approached by someone to show at another venue/cafe on Alberta. Pretty happy with the new inspiration that I'm feeling and the opportunities that are starting to knock for me in Portland. Much needed as I've had to take a year off of school because of financial aid cuts and I also am in need of work. I made a ballsy decision to leave a very toxic work environment that was causing me so much unnecessary stress. Too much and not worth the energy. I believe that leaving that situation allowed me the time and energy I needed to complete the eight new pieces I have showing and to give me some time to reflect on what I want for myself. So for now, I'm searching Portland for the perfect fit, debating on whether to continue school this Winter and next Spring, and creating like there's no tomorrow! 

This show was very inspired by my time on the Oregon Coast and in the neighboring mountains. Especially this time of year! I have been lucky enough to have ample time exploring the mountains and foraging for mushrooms this Autumn. I'm fascinated with those little buggers! 

It's been an amazing Autumn season in Portland this year. Sometimes when I'm crusin around the neighborhoods I find myself in awe with the display of color the trees are flashing. The sky has been blue and the combination is almost surreal. Stunning at best. 

Here's a mixed bag of scenes from my Autumn in Portland, including photos of new work. I'll have better photos and prints soon! 

If you are in Portland and would like to check out my work, please do!  
Say hi to Rick and have yourself an Americano. My work will be up at Fourth Estate Cofeehouse, now until the end of November.

Be well and happy pumpkining!  
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