Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So after 3 years of being in the great Northwest, I am Boise bound for a vacation with family and friends. I am so thrilled! I've been needing some "home" time and finally have the opportunity to go. When I come back, I'll have 3 weeks to tie up loose ends before my show at Old Town Framing in Astoria.
"Nurturing Our Nature" is the theme. I'll leave that open to interpretation for now.

Speaking of "home" and "nurturing", my tattoo work is almost done.
The idea for the tattoo is from a quilt by my grandmother. I have 3 birds holding the quilt up. A cardinal, a bluebird and a canary. My grandmother used to have stacks of bird books. It's a fond memory to have... weekends with grandma, looking at her bird books and eating grapefruit out of a very cool set of china. I have that set now, and love it! My grandmother was and will always be a source of positivity in my life.

I'm rambling, a combination of too much to do, a serious americano crash and new ink buzz. So on that note, happy summer and be well!



  1. And I missed you!!!!! Damn, damn, damn!! I'll send you a FB message full of excuses at a later date. I think I'll just have to figure out a long weekend in Astoria. Of course, I might fall in love with the town and then you'll have to make room for us on your sofa...

  2. It's ok, Gigi! My time was gobbled up before I even arrived. There's always next time. :)


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