Saturday, December 12, 2009

RIP Strong Love Souls

RIP Strong Love Souls, originally uploaded by AmyMarieWillis.

I'm not sure what's going on... but while taking stroll through my Flickr page, I noticed that this drawing has had 109 views since I added it to my page.! That's nuts! I guess because the rest are all in the 0-17 range. Heck, I'm always appreciative of any audience. So to see a number like 109... well, I'm surprised and happy.
Another odd thing about this, is that this one hardly ever receives comments on or inquires about it. There are certain peices that everyone mentions and loves, and I am always truly flattered. This has never been one of them.
I love this piece though, because it humbles me. It reminds me on any given day of realities for others that get forgotten about. I didn't grow up in the midst of a war around me. I didn't fall asleep at night listening to bombs and explosives. I am truly lucky.
At one time all of us, no matter our location, race, religion, political affiliation, etc... at one time we were all children.
And I really believe we all wanted the same thing... to be happy and loved. I wish we all wanted the same thing now.

Be safe and stay warm this Holiday Season.


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