Wednesday, October 07, 2009

...and then it was October. In Astoria.

Autumn. October. How I love October. For being a Spring baby, I am sure a Fall being. Maybe a case of Polar Opposite Love. (*painting idea!)

So here I am in Astoria. Not relocating to Portland, for now. I am happy about staying here. As much as I miss the city, I love Astoria. It's a beautiful sunny Wednesday and I am in Godfather's using the wi-fi until my service at the new pad is connected.

Speaking of new pad (clever segue, yes?) The new space is awesome. Nothing short of unique and bright.

I have my own studio space and I hope to invent a live-work studio while I am here. Winter is sneaking up on Fall and I hope that this space will provide just what I need to keep feverishly creating all Winter long. I've included a few 'early studio' photos and a few of my newer, smallish pieces of work on wood. Always exploring.

I will have more photos soon of new works in prog and le studio on 4th. :)

Be well and Happy Autumn,



  1. I'm happy for you and that studio looks wayass fab. xox

  2. Thanks you Heather. I am happy to see all of your new work and can't wait to see the show when it's all together! Here's to ending 2009 on a creative, positive note! :)


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