Monday, August 17, 2009

Art show next month! Hurray!

As you can see, things are busy over here! I am getting ready for a little show at a coffee roasting company here in Astoria. Located RIGHT under the big huge bridge. :) I am very excited to spend my last month here loving the Ocean and participating in art. I am really please with how well the "Sketchbook Throwdown" is going. Even if not everyone has been able to participate, the thought and support has been great!

I will have more about the show after Wednesday when I meet with the manager, Carly. I am stoked, and for the first time, will have merchandise and a few small prints available.

I am also very excited for the next Urban Canvas show. Big news and I will be sharing that info with you soon as well! Hint: Who's got the FUNK???

Until then...
I hope all is well.


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