Sunday, July 12, 2009

Doodle Dooo

A few new doodles, inspired within the last week. And a few photos. Garden progress and a glimpse of today's thunderstorm over the NW, taken during my deliveries.

Not to sound lame or anything, (heh!) but I am going to some up this blog with my Facebook Status. I mean, really.... the day started with Thunderstorms and has been blissfully stormy since. Who can blog at a time like this? Be well~ Amy (ps: the little birdie doodle is for my grandmother, Verda. She was the sweetest woman alive.

"Thunderstorms, Rain, Apple Fritters, Cats on Catnip with Yarn, Flight Delays, Fruity Loops, Spreading the Wealth, Friends, Doggy, Scrabble,Tea and Time. All in all, I can't complain."


  1. It has been so stormy here too, the whole summer thus far. I really like the Verda art. Speaking of grandparents sorely missed,we're to spread Kelly's gma, Irene's ashes on the mountain this weekend.I love the sketches,Ames.

  2. Thank you, Erik! I have enjoyed your blogs. They usually leave me thinking, questioning, pondering and speechless. Have a beautiful time on the mountain, I need to get to St. Helens to plant wildflowers for my gma.


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