Friday, April 17, 2009

34 in 30 day 16

Joy Springs Eternal WIP

So this pose, this odd "what is she doing?" pose is taken from a dancing magazine. When the painting is done, I will give you more of a detailed description of what, where and who... in short, for curiosities sake, the idea was taken from a photo of dancer. In the photo, she is dancing in a yellow, youthful springtime dress with these cute purple and red socks. I loved it and wanted to interpret it in my painting. I hope to start a series of paintings inspired by these absurdly beautiful photos of these dancers striking remarkable poses. Each painting will give the photographer credit and also give the background of the dancer. I have changed the color of the hair, and the background to suit my interpretation. And, being that I am not great or even remotely confident with life drawing, my renditions will stay true to my style.

I am at the part of this painting where I look at it and say, "...oh what have I done. I hate this!". In the beginning, when it's just a sketch and looks simple and raw... I almost want to leave it at that. Completely minimal. But in my head, I picture it much differently and I love color. So I keep pushing forward. It's a lot like making a soup from scratch. When you just decide to make soup, no recipe. A little of this, a little of that. In your mind, you have an idea of what you want it to taste like, complete.
Add the wrong ingredient, and it throws the entire pot off. So you then have to compensate by adding other ingredients.... and on and on until you get the combination of flavor you were originally looking for.
I will be working on it all day again oday and hope to see it blossom in the direction my personal recipe requires.

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  1. Each new painting will lead you somewhere new and unexpected. That is the beauty of art for me at least. Always have fun with it and never treat it like fragile crystal! ;-)


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